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4 Ingredient Juice Recipe to Lower Blood Sugar Naturally

by Skopje Macedonsko

If you are not acquainted with someone who has diabetes, then you must be living in an alternate universe. Because in the world we live in, one in every ten people is suffering from high blood sugar levels or diabetes.

Well, not all blood sugar is bad for your body. In fact, it is the blood sugar which provides the cells with energy to function correctly. And it is the insulin hormone secreted by the pancreas which helps the blood in transporting the glucose to the cells.

However, there can be times when the body is inefficient in transporting glucose to the cells because there isn’t enough insulin or no insulin at all. In such cases, the insulin starts collecting in the blood, leading to the condition called diabetes.

Though there is no cure for diabetes, there are many ways you can manage it such as taking insulin supplements, reducing sugar intake, and adopting a healthy lifestyle. For the best advice on supplements, you can visit yeswellness.com.

Getting into a routine which comprises of regular workouts, healthy eating habits, and low stress can help you lower the risk of diabetes for those who are still at the borderline. And for those already affected by the disease, here is the four ingredient juice recipe to lower blood sugar naturally.

Juice Recipe to Lower Blood Sugar Naturally

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Ingredients you need for the juice

  •    Two carrots
  •    2 Celery Stalks
  •    1 Green Apple
  •    3 Handfuls of Spinach


For preparing the juice, you should have all the ingredients properly washed to get rid of all the dirt and chemicals on the surface.

Now, peel off carrots and apples, removing the seeds in apples. Once you have all the ingredients clean and ready, you need to blend them in a mixer and make sure that they mix well. Once that is done, you can add water according to the consistency you like and have it once a day.

How do the ingredients of this 4-ingredient juice benefit you?

  1. Spinach: Beta carotene, Vitamin A and C, and calcium are found in abundance in spinach leaves. Plus, there are nitrates which lower the amount of oxygen needed by muscles to make energy. Moreover, this mighty leafy vegetable is low on the Glycaemic Index, making it safe for everyone who is trying to combat high blood sugar levels.
  2. Celery: One of the most nutritious vegetables, celery is rich in minerals such as magnesium and potassium which are vital for keeping sugar levels in check. Plus, it is used as a therapy for various other inflammatory diseases apart from Type 2 Diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes brings along many joint and bone disorders which can be effectively dealt with by the consumption of celery.

  1. Carrots: In addition to Vitamin A, carrots contain good amounts of health-boosting anti-oxidants which combat the vision problems that diabetes brings along. And, the beta-carotene is converted into Vitamins which are perfect for treating Type 2 diabetes.
  2. Green Apples: Malic acid is found in abundance in green apples which is known to work wonders on diabetes.

The drink will help you curb high sugar levels if you consume it regularly. You can also use it as a substitute for one of the meals to encourage better bodily function.

Other Ways to Control Diabetes

Managing diabetes is no easy game, then again, it is not rocket science either. Here are some ways you can bring your sugar levels under control:

  1. Manage your weight and exercise

Being overweight is no less than an open invitation to diseases and health disorders as it makes you prone to diabetes seven times more. So, if you know that you are overweight, you need to increase physical activity such as jogging, swimming, or maybe take up cycling to work if nothing else. It will enhance your muscle’s abilities to utilize glucose better and help you lose excess fat.

An exercise routine of 30 minutes every day can work wonders for patients who have dire Type 2 diabetes.

  1. Eat Healthily

In order to be healthy, you need to eat healthy as it is the food you consume which promotes blood sugar levels in your body. So, avoid the consumption of packaged and processed foods as they have way too much sugar and sodium for your body to handle. The aerated drinks rich in sugar are equally dire for diabetics, and even the fruit juices extracted from juicers contain a lot of sugar which should be avoided. It is the juices which you blend without getting rid of the fibrous parts which give you complete nutrition.

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Olive oil, avocado, fish oil, nuts, and seeds have good or unsaturated fats which are suitable for bodily functions. So, you should substitute all your snacking habits with these foods instead of unhealthy chips and pretzels.

Quitting smoking and consumption of excessive alcohol can take a bit of an effort, but at the end of the day, it will reward you with better health for life.

There you have it! The above recipe and ways to control blood sugar level will help you lead a healthier life even if you have encountered diabetes.

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